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Centsibly Organized offers customizable presentations on a variety of organizational topics. We welcome the opportunity to share our tips and ideas with your group. Some examples of presentation topics are listed below:

How to organize children's clutter
Are your children's toys overtaking your home? Do you want to cherish your child's artwork, but are unsure of what to keep and what to throw? Is your child's wardrobe getting out of hand? You can keep your children's items under control. In this presentation, learn how to organize your children's toys and wardrobe and manage their paperwork using creative methods and storage solutions.

What color are your floors?
Has it been forever since you've seen the color of your floor? Do you even remember if it is wood or carpet? If not, it may be time for you to take some action! This presentation is filled with simple organization principles and tips to help you get organized and stay organized from closets to kitchens.

How to file instead of pile
Are stacks of paper throughout your house driving you crazy? Would you know where to find important papers, like marriage licenses, birth certificates, automobile titles, etc., if someone asked for them? Have you ever paid a bill late because you forgot about it? Handling papers doesn't have to be an overwhelming task. In this presentation, you'll learn how to tackle paper before it becomes a problem.

Photo memorabilia
Do you have piles of pictures scattered all over your home? Are you unable to enjoy your memories because you can't find your treasured pictures? You can create order to this madness! This presentation will teach you simple ways to sort and safely store your precious photos.

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quote Having an organized pantry has simplified cooking and grocery shopping. This helps to avoid buying duplicate items at the grocery store. This small investment has already saved me money and lots of frustration! quote

- New Homeowner, Prairieville

quote Bringing a newborn baby home can be very overwhelming. I could not thank Centsibly Organized enough for the ideas and organization they provided me during this time.

With the help of an organizer, I was able to not only reorganize my kitchen to allow for all of the new baby items, but create a better flow throughout the entire room. We were able to clear a total of five cabinets by just rearranging my kitchen items, and now everything is easier to find. We also came up with a plan on how I would organize my baby items, including a first aid kit and how to store sterilized bottles.  quote

-New Mom, Baton Rouge